Safety through innovation

That is our claim and promise.


Delfis 3 type C ambulance as first choice

March 06th to 08th 2016 - International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience, Abu Dhabi Delfis 3 type C ambulance as first choice...


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NEF on the basis of the new Mercedes-Benz Vito

On the 17th of July 2015, we presented the customer with the first two ambulance emergency vehicles based on the new Mercedes-Benz Vito.


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Having presented for the first time the exterior design of the HORNIS SPACELINE at RETTmobil 2015 in Fulda, the development of the interior...


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  1. Proven safety record
  2. Award-winning design
  3. Wind tunnel tested
  4. Environmental protection

What happens in
a collision with 3.5 t
at a speed of 64 km/h?

Immense efforts have been taken to answer this question.
An extremely important consideration towards your safety that is worth it for us!



Award-winning design.

Our passion for vehicle design is more than just the idea to build beautiful vehicles. Is more than just following a trend. We believe that a good design solves problems and visually combines our vehicles with a form language. Ambulance Mobile stands for unique award-winning exterior and interior designed vehicles.
Focus Sicherheit 2007 Silber | Delfis
Nominated for Designpreis Deutschland 2009 | Delfis
Focus Open 2011 Silber | Tigis Ergo

We offer you exactly what others can only assume.
We have had checked the aerodynamic properties of different models in the wind tunnel.
The experience gained from this helps us to make new models even better.


The Specialists of each respective sector are PremiumPartners of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Ambulanz Mobile was the first body builder for ambulances and emergency ambulances who fulfilled the criterias of PremiumPartner classification.

We are VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz. Hence we comply with the high requirements of Mercedes-Benz in the areas of quality, sales and after-sales-service.

The Ford Motor Company valued us positively at criterias like mechanical engineering, production process, quality inspection and acting in compliance with the Ford guidelines. We are QVM.

Made in Germany

Our vehicles are designed, developed and produced in Germany. We think workplaces in our country and being close to our customers is more important than saving production costs. The perfect infrastructure and qualified employees offer moreover excellent working conditions.

Customer References

„ ...around 8:40 a bad accident happened on the Europastraße E55 between Kipsdorf and Altenberg in the county Weißeritzkreis. As declared by DEKRA experts as well as based on many years of experiences in the ambulance service it is certain that due to the high-qualified work of your company, both employees of our ambulance service of the DRK Dippoldiswalde did not receive further injuries in the vehicle. Totally unharmed... both could rescued out of the ambulance."

Chairman of the board, DRK district association Dippoldiswalde

"...a heavy accident happened with an ambulance vehicle of our association. If you look at the pictures in retrospect, it is a miracle that all three colleagues and the patient got off the ambulance without heavy wounds. This shows us, that it was the right decision to convert and equip our vehicle with high quality through your company."

Regaional chairman, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. Regionalverband Dresden

„ …we had... a heavy accident with an ambulance T5 Hornis Silver. A passenger car crashed frontal in the side of our vehicle and caused a total loss... Nothing happened to the fixations and build-in instruments. Thanks to many years of development, the good cooperation and your high-qualified work, all conducted crash tests were satisfying and the vehicle proofed that it is an absolutely safe work tool.“

Technical Director, Landesrettungsverein Weißes Kreuz