Ambulanz Mobile stands for a head start


Even in the 30th year of our company’s history and beyond, the lead should be our driving force.
Ambulanz Mobile would like to address customers who value innovative, safe and ecological products and, in addition, bring an economic advantage for the customer.

The outpatient clinic mobile GmbH & Co. KG stands for sustainability and future like no other company in this segment.

Innovation for more safety

Since 1991 we have been developing the safest and most innovative special vehicles in Europe on the site of the former tractor factory in Schönebeck (Elbe).
The focus of our activities is the customer, who sees and uses his vehicle as a place for his customers, the patients and their needs. More than 300 employees stand for the future and give their best for the company and thus for our customers, for themselves, their children and grandchildren every day.

Lightweight construction, unique aerodynamics, safety and the lowest fuel consumption are the basis of our product and company philosophy.
The materials we use are sustainable and largely recyclable. Constantly new ideas document our agenda for the next 10 years, this is our guideline. We build and develop vehicles not only for the “now”, certainly not for the “yesterday”, but for the future. We are ready for the future. Are you too?

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TIGIS N20 – uncompromisingly safe!

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