Emergency vehicles with the best aerodynamics

The aerodynamics of our vehicles were tested in the wind tunnel.

Efficiency Measure – Aerodynamics

The most striking efficiency measures are the aerodynamically shaped roof modules with the built-in blue light systems. They replace conventional systems, such as rotating beacons, blue light bars or only attached modules.

Clock generator of an entire industry

In 2003, we introduced the Hornis M, the first integrated signalling system in the ambulance sector.


2003 – HORNIS M

First integrated signalling system. The signal system was integrated in the front area of the medium-high roof of the Volkswagen T5. A console was used at the rear.


2004 – HORNIS Basic

First built-in warning device. The warning device was integrated in the front area in the mid-high roof of the Volkswagen T5. A console was used in the rear area.

Diesel fuel consumption lower by 3600 - 7200 litres


Depending on the vehicle type, our vehicles show demonstrable reduction in fuel consumption of 1 – 2 litres for every 100 km. With an average mileage of up to 60,000 km/year and a service life of 6 years, diesel fuel consumption is lower by approximately 3600 – 7200 litres per vehicle. About 190 – 380 kg of harmful CO2 not released to the environment.

Unique tests

Ambulanz Mobile ist der einzige Fahrzeugausbauer für Einsatzfahrzeuge, der mittels verschiedener Tests im Windkanal der Daimler AG und Volkswagen AG Einsparungen nachweisen kann.

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