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Specialized in the development of emergency and special vehicles, we mobilize rescuers, helpers and people with disabilities.
Ambulanz Mobile Sicherheit

Safety as a philosophy

So that you can enjoy the highest possible protection, we test our vehicles in merciless safety tests that are far above the current standard. This is one of the reasons why our vehicles are considered to be the safest in Europe.

26 years Ambulanz Mobile

27 years of experience

We have been building special vehicles for 27 years. This know-how is in every one of your vehicles. So you can be sure that your special vehicles will be designed and extended by proven experts.

Ambulanz Mobile innovation

Innovation in the blood

We are one of the most innovative body manufacturers in Europe and continue to set standards in terms of design and technology. Your vehicles not only look better, they are also easier to operate and save costs.

Customers are our partners.

We expand our vehicles for you every year.

Employees make all this possible in the first place.

Production halls for your vehicles and assemblies.

ambulance ambulance mobile

What we do

Every child knows them and many of them are amazed with big eyes when an ambulance with blue light and siren drives by. But where does such an ambulance actually come from? Right here, at Ambulanz Mobile!

We convert basic vehicles from various manufacturers into ambulances, ambulances, emergency ambulances and KMP vehicles. Mostly they are transporters, which arrive at our company only in sheet metal, without seats and interior lining.

Development engineers, design engineers, vehicle electronics engineers, automotive mechatronics technicians and many more then ensure that the empty van is turned into a highly modern special vehicle.

Every vehicle is something very special. It is discussed, configured and extended according to the customer’s wishes. This is how we create tailor-made vehicles that are perfectly tailored to the customer’s requirements and needs.


In use worldwide

Our vehicles are not only in use throughout Germany, but in more than 35 countries.

Our customers also associate the name Ambulanz Mobile with maximum safety, trend-setting design and innovative technology on a global scale. From England, Sweden and the Netherlands, via Spain, Italy and Slovenia to the United Arab Emirates, we are there for our customers.

Our strong partners

26 years Ambulanz Mobile

Volkswagen commercial vehicles

PremiumPartners of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are the certified specialists in their respective sectors. We were the first body manufacturer for ambulances and rescue vehicles to meet the criteria for classifying the PremiumPartner.

 VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz


We are VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz. This enables us to meet the high demands of Mercedes-Benz in the areas of quality, sales and after-sales services.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company gave us a positive assessment of criteria such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing process, quality control and compliance with Ford guidelines. We are QVM.

Made in Germany

Our vehicles are designed, developed and manufactured in Germany.

We firmly believe that the proximity to you and the jobs in our country are more important than saving production costs. The excellent infrastructure and qualified skilled workers also offer us excellent working conditions.

with a KTW T5 Hornis Silver. A car drove into the vehicle from the front and caused a total loss. …All fastenings and built-in devices were impeccable and in perfect condition. It is only thanks to the many years of development and good cooperation and the high quality of your work that the vehicle was able to meet all the crash tests that were carried out and prove that it is an absolutely safe working device.

Technical Manager

Landesrettungsverein Weißes Kreuz

“Please reiterate our highest appreciation to Mirko Roloff for his “meticulous perfectionist” work and the craftsmen in NEF production who “put this into action”.

Head of Rescue Department

DRK-Kreisverband Osterode am Harz e.V.

“…around 8:40 a.m. a serious traffic accident occurred in the district of Weißeritzkreis on the European road E 55 between Kipsdorf and Altenberg. According to the clear statement of the DEKRA experts and according to our many years of rescue service experience, it is certain that no further injuries were inflicted on the two rescue service employees of the DRK Dippoldiswalde by the quality work of your company. Completely unharmed, …both could be rescued from the RTW.”

Chairman of the Board

DRK Kreisverband Dippoldiswalde

“…there was a serious traffic accident with an ambulance of our association. If you look at the pictures afterwards, it is a miracle that all three colleagues and the patient left the RTW without any major injuries. This shows us that it was the right decision to have the ambulance built or equipped to a high standard by your company”.

regional executive

Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. Regionalverband Dresden

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