Control & Operation

The simple and intuitive operation of our vehicles simplifies your work. This allows you to focus on what is really important – in this case, the human.

Membrane keyboards

In 2006, we revised the operation of MICAs (Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance). The well-known toggle switch was previously used to operate the functions in the MICA. Whether blue light, siren or the lighting in the patient compartment.

The first DELFIS MICA launched also came with the membrane keyboards. Easy-to-clean, form-fitting and networking via CAN-Bus offer several advantages.

Only a few lines had to be installed in the MICA due to the CAN bus networking. This ultimately saves resources and reduces weight.

Intuitive control

With the TOUCH CONTROL operating and information system, we developed our first touch-sensitive control system for MICAs in 2010.

By touching the screen, you, among other things, intuitively operate the lighting, the air-conditioning in the patient compartment or the stretcher platform and the stretcher.

The temperatures of the cold and warm compartments are also displayed and saved. The stored data can then be easily read out via USB.


Organic light-emitting diodes

As of 2013, all functions of the extensions in our PTA (Patient Transport Ambulance) are controlled via the RGB controls. The luminosity of the keys is generated by organic light emitting diodes.

They are function key and display in one. By displaying different colours, they give you feedback on whether the function is enabled, disabled or defective. If a fuse is defective, for instance, the corresponding function button lights up red.

The control panel for the centre console also has a colour display since the launch. The relevant functions and displays can thus be recognised easier and faster.

Control panel at the steering wheel
Control panel with up to 8 functions as switch or display, blue lights, front flash, sound, city-country control, patient compartment lighting, 230 V – inlet.

Control panel on the central console
Control panel with up to 15 functions as switch or display and with a colour display in the middle: Blue light power flash, front flash, rear flash, special flash, sound, city-country control, work lights, air conditioning, heating, reverse warning system, patient compartment lighting, rear lowering, function display of 230 V – inlet.

control panel on the sliding door
Control panel with up to 2 functions as switch or display: Work lights, rear flash, reverse warning system, rear lowering.

Control panel at rear
Control panel with up to 6 functions as switch or display: Patient compartment lighting, work lights, rear flash, reverse warning system, rear lowering.

Control panel in the patient compartment
Control panel with up to 15 functions as switch or display and two seven-segment displays for the temperature in the middle: Patient compartment lighting, buzzer, intercom, ceiling fan volume radio/DVD, electric floor mounting rail for carry chair, function display seat recognition.

Wireless diagnosis on the site

With our newly designed control system, we make the maintenance work quicker. Using a WLAN router integrated in the vehicle, we carry out a wireless diagnosis of the entire electrical system and immediately localise any faults that may have occurred. This lets your vehicle to do what it was built for: Helping people together with you.