Control & Operation

The simple and intuitive operation of our vehicles supports you in your work. So you can concentrate on the really important thing, the human being.

Foil keyboards

In 2006 we rethought the operation of ambulances. The functions in the RTW were previously operated via the well-known toggle switches. Whether blue light, siren or the lighting in the patient room.

Mit dem ersten DELFIS gaben auch die Folientastaturen ihr Debüt im Bereich der Rettungswagen. Leicht zu reinigen, formschlüssig integrierbar und die Vernetzung über CAN-Bus bilden gleich mehrere Vorteile.

Mit der CAN-Bus-Vernetzung müssen seit dem weniger Leitungen im Rettungswagen verbaut werden. Wodurch schlussendlich Ressourcen und Gewicht eingespart werden können.

Sensitive control

With the TOUCH CONTROL operating and information system, we developed our first touch-sensitive control system for ambulances in 2010.

By touching the screen, you not only intuitively operate the lighting, the air conditioning in the patient room or the stretcher table including stretcher.

The temperatures of the cold and warm compartments are also displayed and stored. The stored data can then be easily read out via USB.


Organic LEDs

From 2013, all functions in our patient transport trolleys will be controlled via the RGB control elements. The luminosity of the buttons is generated by organic light-emitting diodes.

They are function key and display in one. They give you feedback via different colours as to whether the function is activated, deactivated or defective. If, for example, a fuse is defective, the corresponding function key lights up red.

Since its introduction, the control panel for the centre console has also had a coloured display. The respective functions and displays can thus be recognized even more easily and quickly.

Control panel on steering wheel
Control panel with up to 8 function fields as key or display, blue light, front flasher, sound, city/country switch, patient room lighting, 230 V – power supply

Control panel in the centre console
Control panel with up to 15 function fields as button or display and a coloured display in the middle: blue light, power flash, front flasher, rear flasher, jumping light, sound, city/country switch, work lights, air conditioning, heating, reverse warning, patient compartment lighting, rear lowering, function display of 230 V power supply

control panel on the sliding door
Control panel with up to 2 function fields as key or display: Work lights, rear flasher, reverse warning, rear lowering

Control panel at rear
control panel with up to 6 function fields as button or display: patient area lighting, work lights, rear flasher, reverse warning, rear lowering

Control panel in the patient room
Control panel with up to 15 function fields as button or display and two seven-segment displays for the central temperature: patient room lighting, buzzer button, intercom system, roof fan, volume radio/DVD, electric floor mounting rail for carrying chair, function display seat recognition

Cableless on-site diagnostics

With our newly designed control system we accelerate the maintenance work. Via an integrated WLAN router in the vehicle, we perform a wireless diagnosis of the entire body electrics and immediately locate possible faults should they occur. So that your vehicle can do what it was built for more quickly: Helping people together with you.