LED blue light technology

trigger of a trend reversal

In 2006, we introduced LED lighting technology to the ambulance sector with the first DELFIS ambulance. At that time, the blue light technology of ambulances consisted of stroboscopic flashers or beacons with rotating mirrors.

Consequent further development

Since its introduction, we have been working consistently on further development. Blue lights, work lights, rear lights, brake lights, indicator lights and reversing lights are equipped with long-life, low-consumption light technology. Step by step, we have also converted the lighting technology in our vehicles to LED.

Reduced energy consumption

Up to 40% less energy consumption than conventional systems.


When servicing the current models, the respective blue lights can be removed from the outside without tools. This saves downtime, money and nerves.

Low maintenance

Lighting technology that is particularly low-maintenance and durable. We give you a 36-month guarantee on the module technology.

Performing & safe

The powerful and extremely efficient LED lighting technology generates an impressive amount of light. It inevitably calls for the attention of other road users and makes your emergency drive safer.