With nature - on track

Ambulanz Mobile thinks, develops, builds and operates ecologically!

Sustainable and fuel-efficient

Our vehicles are developed and equipped sustainably and fuel-efficient. For the interior construction, Ambulanz Mobile exclusively uses materials, for example thermoplast in the form of ABS, which can be 100% recycled if unmixed. Thanks to our aerodynamic blue light systems, fuel consumption and therefore C02 emission is proven to be significantly reduced. Ambulanz Mobile is unprecedented when it comes to environmental protection.

Stay with us and nature – on track!

High-tech plastic for your emergency response vehicle

The use of high-quality materials in your emergency response vehicle is the result of ongoing material research. This is facilitated by many years of cooperation with well-known universities and research institutes.



Interior design and its recycling capabilities

Once your emergency response vehicle has reached the end of service life, the ABS interior fittings are crushed. The recovered material is used in many areas, for example in an Ambulanz Mobile vehicle. In the production of new vehicles, only recycled ABS plastic is used in concealed areas.