With nature - On the track

Ambulanz Mobile thinks, develops, builds and operates ecologically!

Sustainable and fuel-efficient

Our vehicles are developed and expanded in a sustainable and fuel-efficient manner. The Ambulanz Mobile uses only materials such as thermoplastic ABS, which are 100% recyclable. Our aerodynamic blue light systems demonstrably reduce fuel consumption and thus C02 emissions considerably. The Ambulanz Mobile pursues environmental protection without precedent.

Stay with us and nature – on track!

High-tech plastic for your emergency vehicle

The high-quality use of materials in your emergency vehicle is the result of permanent material research. This is made possible by many years of cooperation with renowned universities and research institutes.



Recycling in interior design

Once your emergency vehicle has reached the end of its service life, the ABS interior fittings are shredded. The resulting regenerated material finds new application in many areas. For example in an ambulance-mobile vehicle. In the production of new vehicles, only recycled ABS plastic is used in the invisible area.