DELFIS 3 emergency ambulance

With its cutting-edge technology and pioneering design, the DELFIS 2006 triggered a turnaround in the emergency ambulance sector and set new standards. Combination of aerodynamics, LED – blue light technology and ergonomics in the patient compartment is state of the art.

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DELFIS emergency ambulance in the 3rd GENERATION

The DELFIS emergency ambulance has been plying the roads of Europe and Asia since 2006. Although its appearance has hardly changed, it is no longer the same. The permanent optimisations have gone into many small and two major product upgrades. Thus, the DEFLIS emergency ambulance is today a sophisticated, state-of-the-art rescue device.




This ambulance commercial was produced in October 2008. Accordingly, the equipment shown is sometimes only available in other versions or no longer available.


As early as 2007, the DELFIS successfully passed a full-body test in the dynamic test method with 10 g in 5 different directions. In 2011, the DELFIS successfully passed a full-body test in dynamic test method with 20 g in forward and reverse directions – the first and only emergency ambulance to date.

20 g forward

subject to dynamic test

20 g reverse

subject to dynamic test

15 g lateral 75°

subject to dynamic test

10 g in 5 directions

subject to dynamic test

The exterior

LED light technology

The blue light system of the DELFIS 3 is equipped with a high performance LED block on each side. Each block carries 8 efficient LEDs with long service life. The high luminosity and responsive delivery of light ensure more safety during the mission.

Roof structure and hoods

The DELFIS 3 has an aerodynamic, lightweight and high-strength roof structure made of GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic). It comes painted in car colour by default. The hoods can be configured either in blue or red (depending on the country) and are adapted to the roof structure.

Multilux and taillights

The Multilux blue light system in the two front hoods consists of a high-performance LED block on each side. In addition, 6 high-performance LEDs on each side ensure even more attention.

The rear lights also incorporate the LED lighting technology. Two direction indicators on each side, radiating laterally on one hand and towards the rear on the other. In addition, a red LED position light is integrated on each side.

The interior

Good working conditions and patient-focused transport also require a pleasant indoor climate. What speaks against feeling comfortable in a patient transport ambulance? Almost nothing in a DELFIS 3.

The operation

With the easy-to-clean control panels of the DELFIS 3 you control the functions on the extension side. Whether blue light, sound system or air conditioning: just press the button. In the driver’s cab, at the sliding door and at the rear entrance, you operate the functions via the robust membrane keypads. Touch-sensitive Touch Control is located in the ceiling centre.

Control Panel in the Centre Console
Control panel with 15 buttons and a monochrome display in the middle: Blue light, power flash, front flash, special flash, sound, city-country control, work lights, emergency start, auxiliary heating, reverse warning system, patient compartment lighting, rear lowering, function display of 230 V – inlet

Touch Control Panel
Touch-sensitive screen for controlling: patient compartment lighting, stretcher platform, air-conditioning, auxiliary heating, roof vent, thermoboxes. Display of: date, time, internal temperature, temperature of the thermoboxes, battery voltage of the vehicle and auxiliary battery, software versions

Control Panel on the Sliding Door
Control panel with 5 buttons: patient compartment lighting, work lights

Control Panel at the Rear Entrance
Control panel with 7 buttons: patient compartment lighting, work lights, rear lowering