The perfect city patient transport vehicle

With the DELFIS CS we have developed a patient transport vehicle specially for inner-city transports. It has a newly developed high roof on a Mercedes Sprinter with a short wheelbase. Rear wheel drive and a short wheelbase allow for quick manoeuvring, even in narrow alleys. This makes it the perfect city patient transport vehicle. The DELFIS CS also as an ergonomic rear lift which makes it possible to load patients even in confined spaces. Thanks to the reduction of the overall mass and the optimisation of the aerodynamics, a significant reduction in emissions is achieved.

The overall weight is far
below 3,5 t.

The turning cycle of only 12.1 m is the smallest in its class.
Optimised aerodynamics for reduced emissions.
With fully automatic lift, for loading patients at the push of a button.

4.400 kg CO2 are saved.

Each kilogram of weight saving and optimal aerodynamics, additionally reduce the CO2 emissions. Especially in city traffic, the vehicle weight and aerodynamics play a large role due to frequent acceleration and braking. The DELFIS CS saves up to 4,400 kg CO2 at a mileage of 260,000 km compared to older generation vehicles.

Ergonomic in small areas and highest standards.

For ergonomic working, which is also easy on your back, the loading of patients is possible by just the push of a button. The operation takes place at a safe distance to the rear door, via easy to operate buttons. Even a distance of 1.20 m to the next parked vehicle is sufficient to load patients.

Large volume, more flexibility – designed for any requirement.