DELFIS S – Ambulance

The new DELFIS S contains the DELFIS-3 genes. With new LED lighting technology, even more comfort in the patient room and more compact external dimensions. Much has changed, but one thing remains the same: It is unmistakable. Unmistakably a DELFIS.


The first pencil strokes make the idea visually tangible for the first time.
Many designs emerge and are discarded again. The idea thus matures step by step into a
final exterior – design.

The market leader in safety.

With 25 g forwards, 20 g backwards and 15 g sideways (75°), the DELFIS clearly exceeds the currently valid standard. Additional stabilizations in the basic configuration increase the stiffness of the body and contribute to even safer handling.

64 kmph forward

Real crash test

25 g forward

subject to dynamic test

20 g reverse

subject to dynamic test

15 g lateral 75°

subject to dynamic test

10 g in 5 directions

subject to dynamic test

The exterior

Pure dynamics

The streamlined sideline signals pure dynamics. It integrates the laterally integrated lighting technology in a form-fitting manner and ends in the harmoniously fitting rear section.

Lighting technology that adapts

Whether blue, green or yellow – the colours of the lighting technology can be configured according to the country-specific specifications. And if the service case requires it, then the respective blue light elements can be removed without tools from the outside. This spares you from downtime and stress, and saves money.

Impressive amount of light

The powerful yet extremely efficient LED lighting technology generates an impressive amount of light. It inevitably demands the attention of other road users, and makes your mission safer.

The interior

No matter which operation you are facing, with the DELFIS S you are prepared for it. The spacious interior makes working noticeably easier.

The operation

You control the functions on the expansion side with the easy-to-clean control panels. Whether blue light, sound system or air conditioning: just press the button. In the driver’s cab, at the sliding door and at the rear entrance, you operate the functions via the robust membrane keypads. The touch-sensitive Touch Control is located in the ceiling centre.

Control Panel in the Centre Console
Control panel with 15 buttons and a monochrome display in the middle: Blue light, power flash, front flash, special flash, sound, city-country control, work lights, emergency start, auxiliary heating, reverse warning system, patient compartment lighting, rear lowering, function display of 230 V – inlet

Touch Control Panel
Touch-sensitive screen for controlling: patient compartment lighting, stretcher platform, air-conditioning, auxiliary heating, roof vent, thermoboxes. Display of: date, time, internal temperature, temperature of the thermoboxes, battery voltage of the vehicle and auxiliary battery, software versions

Control Panel on the Sliding Door
Control panel with 5 buttons: patient compartment lighting, work lights

Control Panel at the Rear Entrance
Control panel with 7 buttons: patient compartment lighting, work lights, rear lowering