Disabled Vehicles

Personalised and flexible

As different as people are, as individual and different are their needs and aspirations. We make your AA-extensions exactly according to these needs. On request, we can fit your vehicle with grid rails, so that the seats can be easily removed and a stretcher mount can be installed in their place. You remain flexible and depending on the requirements the vehicle can be redesigned each time.

Beautifully shaped and practical

Our disabled vehicles combine comfort with a practical interior concept. In the Ford Transit FT, for example, the specially developed moulded parts make the bare wheel arches disappear. The practical storage box for your restraint systems not only ensures orderliness. It is also beautifully shaped and made of 100% recyclable ABS plastic.

Safe AA-extensions

How important is the safety in your upgraded AA? As early as 1999, we successfully completed the first dynamic test for a motor vehicle for people with reduced mobility. The “COMPAKT” loading ramp was tested at 20 g and was the start of safe AA-extensions.

Upgraded AA with lift

Equip your AA-extension with a comfortable lift. When folded, it saves space in the rear area of the vehicle. Use the delivered remote control to lower the lift. Afterwards, lift the person in the wheelchair effortlessly into the vehicle. To know whether a lift is also suitable for your base vehicle, please ask our sales consultants.


Upgraded AA with loading ramp

Instead of a lift, you can configure a foldable ramp for the wheelchair on request. It allows comfortable and quick loading and unloading of the wheelchair. For example, with the BREDA ramp. It is the technical advancement of the loading ramp type – Compact, which was dynamically tested in 1999 at 20 g (at 20 times its own weight). The wheelchair ramp is equipped with ergonomically positioned handles and wheels. This makes opening and closing noticeably easier. If the ramp inclination is higher than 400 mm, DIN 75068 is not met.