Emergency Doctors' Cars

Emergency Doctors’ Cars

Basically, we will upgrade every base vehicle to an Emergency Doctors’ Car as long as it meets all basic requirements. The upgrade starts as soon as the base vehicle is fixed. This is according to your individual requirements and needs. So that you get a perfect work equipment in every respect.

From the beginning

We make Emergency Doctors’ Cars with a lot of passion. However, this does not always have to be emergency response vehicles with aerodynamic roof consoles. You decide on which base vehicle and how extensive your future ambulance vehicle will be upgraded. Together with you, we will discuss the feasibility and implement your requirements.


We have have been subjecting our products to dynamic testing from 1999. With 99 tests carried out (as of 2015), we are leaders in vehicle safety. The high level of expertise in this area helps us to make our emergency response vehicles safer. Our Emergency Doctors’ Cars are also manufactured with this high safety standard and comply with the requirements of DIN 75079. Our most popular models have also been dynamically tested according to the standard.

Emergency Doctors’ Cars based on Mercedes-Benz Vito

The upgrade to an Emergency Doctors’ Car, based on the Mercedes Benz Vito, offers several advantages. The different engines, the space and the optional four-wheel drive (4×4). Optimal for an Emergency Doctors’ Car.

The Mercedes Benz Vito already offers outstanding vehicle safety. Here, we tie in with the well-known vehicle safety of Ambulanz Mobile. The upgrade to an Emergency Doctors’ Car, based on Mercedes Benz Vito therefore naturally complies with the requirements of DIN EN 75079.

The base vehicle offers a good amount of space. Nevertheless, our upgraded Emergency Doctors’ Car uses the interior efficiently. So that your equipment is not only stowed away safely, but is also quickly and easily accessible.

Equip your Emergency Doctors’ Car with a large rear cabinet for maximum storage space. The extendable rear cabinet offers sufficient space for your medical and other equipment. The medical equipment is powered while driving and is ready when during emergency response.

Emergency Doctors’ Cars based on Mercedes-Benz GLC

Power: 125 kW / 170 hp
Apothecary cabinet (behind driver’s seat): with warming compartment and compressor cooling compartment
Rear cabinet right (fixed): for luggage or backpack system
Rear cabinet left with shelf (removable): extendable for medical equipment
Fire extinguisher (behind driver’s seat): 6 kg in the footwell
Radio technology: digital and analogue
Control element (for blue light, sound, etc.): concealed in the centre console
230 V system: 40 A charger and external socket
Flash technology: DBS 5000 (beam), AMS light (front flash)