The last wish ambulance project

“How much I would like to …” When life comes to an end, unfulfilled dreams often come to the fore. The last wish ambulance accompanies and cares for people of all ages in the fulfilment of their last wish. With a lot of passion, volunteering work and free of charge for passengers and their families.

The family celebration far away, a sunset by the sea, the concert by the favourite band – happy and looking back on life with moments of happiness – our claim to this project. (Source: ASB Regionalverband Ruhr e.V.)

A special PTA (Patient Transport Ambulance)

The last wish ambulance is a modern PTA. It is still different from a conventional PTA. This is because it was specially designed and developed for this project.

From the PTA to the last wish ambulance

The conventional PTA is upgraded to the last wish ambulance. Building on this, the corresponding requirements and wishes are implemented. However, the last wish ambulance has, in contrast to all conventional PTAs, a very “obvious” feature: The all-round glazing for the panoramic view.

The drive in the last wish ambulance

It is all about the passenger when it comes to the last wish ambulance. This is demonstrated by the all-round glazing and the special concept of light and colours. This allows the atmosphere to be tailored to the personal preferences of the passenger. This makes the drive in the last wish ambulance even more pleasant.

The last wish ambulance still has enough space. For example, for the latest, basic emergency medical equipment.  Also the person dearest to the passenger and the medical or nursing care may accompany.

The minimum equipment in the last wish ambulance include patient chair, stretcher, suction pump, oxygen system, portable emergency equipment and dressing material. Compared with a patient transport ambulance, the equipment in the last wish ambulance is above the guidelines EN 1789 for ambulance type A1.