NOVARIS FT Patient transport trolley

Captivating on the outside and pure freedom on the inside. The NOVARIS FT offers compact external dimensions paired with excellent space. State-of-the-art LED lighting technology and high vehicle safety keep your back free. So that you can fully concentrate on your work.

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We also greatly focus on the development of supposedly simple roof consoles. We do not create consoles that are merely used to house the light technology. NOVARIS FT consoles originated in the same way as when the pencil struck a piece of white paper for the first time. Every stroke of the pencil filled the exterior design with life and brought it closer to perfection.


How important is vehicle safety for you? How important is it for you and your patients to travel with a safe vehicle? The upgraded NOVARIS FT shows its superiority especially in terms of safety.

20 g forward

subject to dynamic test

20 g reverse

subject to dynamic test

15 g lateral 75°

subject to dynamic test

10 g in 5 directions

subject to dynamic test

The exterior

In the front area, the depressed look of the console immediately attracts attention. The flat shape expresses one thing above all: dynamics! The rear roof console is shaped like a spoiler and is set off in the middle in black on the underside. This gives the NOVARIS FT a sporty look.


Roof consoles

The roof consoles are made of the lightweight ABS plastic and are painted in body colour. The consoles are also available in other colours. This sets them apart from the rest of the vehicle. You can design your own NOVARIS FT with individual vehicle wrapping.

Light technology

As with all Ambulanz Mobile models, the light technology of NOVARIS FT consists of light-emitting diodes and is therefore, characterise by particularly low consumption and long service life. The pronounced luminosity guarantees a high signalling effect. The arrangement of the individual LED modules ensures that the NOVARIS FT is detected early, regardless of which direction it is approaching.

The interior

Good working conditions and patient-focused transport also require a pleasant indoor climate. What speaks against feeling comfortable in a patient transport ambulance? Almost nothing in a NOVARIS FT.

The operation

You control the on-board functions on the bright control panels of the NOVARIS FT. Whether blue light, sound system or air-conditioning: a press on the button is enough. The luminosity is generated by organic light emitting diodes. By displaying different colours, they give you feedback on whether the function is enabled, disabled or defective. If a fuse is defective, for instance, the corresponding function button lights up red.

Control panel on the steering wheel
Control panel with up to 8 functions as switch or display, blue lights, front flash, sound, city-country control, patient compartment lighting, 230 V – inlet

Control panel in the centre console
Control panel with up to 15 functions as switch or display and with a colour display in the middle: Blue light power flash, front flash, rear flash, special flash, sound, city-country control, work lights, air conditioning, heating, reverse warning system, patient compartment lighting, rear lowering, function display of 230 V – inlet

Control panel in the patient compartment
Control panel with up to 15 functions as switch or display and two seven-segment displays for the temperature in the middle: Patient compartment lighting, buzzer, intercom, ceiling fan volume radio/DVD, electric floor mounting rail for carry chair, function display seat recognition

Control panel on the sliding door
Control panel with up to 2 functions as switch or display: Work lights, rear flash, reverse warning system, rear lowering

Control panel on the rear
Control panel with up to 6 functions as switch or display: Patient compartment lighting, work lights, rear flash, reverse warning system, rear lowering