Patient Transport Ambulance
Grand appearance. The NOVARIS XL is always the right choice if you need an ambulance with a generous patient compartment but want to retain a compact look.

Unmistakeably a novaris 

The new NOVARIS XL has redesigned blue light elements in the front and rear area – nevertheless, it is unmistakably a NOVARIS. In the front area, the design lines of the base vehicle are picked up and combined in a form-fitting manner with the NOVARIS design language.




How important is vehicle safety for you? How important is it for you and your patients to travel with a safe vehicle? The upgraded NOVARIS FT shows its superiority especially in terms of safety.


    • 20 g forward
      subject to dynamic test
    • 20 g reverse
      subject to dynamic test
    • 15 g lateral 75°
      subject to dynamic test

    • 10 g in 5 directions
      subject to dynamic test


The exterieur

Roof construction
The aerodynamically designed roof structure assumes the form of the base vehicle, and integrates the blue light elements for a good fit. The NOVARIS XL provides sufficient headroom with a voluminous roof structure and high doors, allowing you to get on with the job.

Light technology
In the front area, four lights draw attention during the trip to the emergency site. The upper blue light modules house three carriers with a total of nine high-power LEDs on each side. The lower modules hold four carriers with a total of 12 high-power LEDs on each side. All blue light elements are removable from outside and facilitate repairs during servicing.



Work lights and blue lights at the rear
The workspace outside the vehicle can be optimally lit with work lights. These can be configured to shine toward the rear or the side. There is a blue light element on the left and right sides of the rear area. Each of them contains three carriers with a total of six high-power LEDs. Above them, the flashing LEDs that indicate the direction are mounted.


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The operation

You control the on-board functions on the bright control panels of the NOVARIS XL. Whether blue light, sound system or air-conditioning: a press on the button is enough. The luminosity is generated by organic light emitting diodes. By displaying different colours, they give you feedback on whether the function is enabled, disabled or defective. If a fuse is defective, for instance, the corresponding function button lights up red.

Control panel at the steering wheel
Control panel with up to 8 functions as switch or display, blue lights, front flash, sound, city-country control, patient compartment lighting, 230 V – inlet.

Control panel at the central console
Control panel with up to 15 functions as switch or display and with a colour display in the middle: Blue light power flash, front flash, rear flash, special flash, sound, city-country control, work lights, air conditioning, heating, reverse warning system, patient compartment lighting, rear lowering, function display of 230 V – inlet.

Controls in the patient compartment
Control panel with up to 15 functions as switch or display and two seven-segment displays for the temperature in the middle: Patient compartment lighting, buzzer, intercom, ceiling fan volume radio/DVD, electric floor mounting rail for carry chair, function display seat recognition.

Control panel on the sliding door
Control panel with up to 2 functions as switch or display: Work lights, rear flash, reverse warning system, rear lowering.

Control panel at the rear
Control panel with up to 6 functions as switch or display: Patient compartment lighting, work lights, rear flash, reverse warning system, rear lowering.