Safetyhead Headrest

The practical headrest for wheelchair users

In Germany, headrests are mandatory on the front outer seats in vehicles up to 3.5 t. Furthermore, all other seats are fitted with a headrest nowadays. But what about wheelchair users? There is no regulation here. A headrest is not mandatory for wheelchair users and the risk of injury in an accident is still very high.

Increased safety for wheelchair users

To increase safety when transporting people in wheelchairs, we have developed the flexible headrest called Safetyhead for wheelchair users. The built-in rails in the ceiling area allow variable positioning of the headrest in the vehicle. If the headrest is no longer needed, it can be locked in a space-saving manner in the ceiling area using the practical folding mechanism.


We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the safety of people in the vehicle. Therefore, our headrest for wheelchair users is subjected to dynamic testing. DIN EN 1789 was applied to the safety verification tests.

Tried-and-tested safety

10 g reverse

Tried-and-tested safety

15 g reverse