Stretcher Support TL2015 Air

Stretcher Support TL2015 Air

The TL2015 Air stretcher support is designed for use in PTAs (Patient Transport Ambulance). Due to their compact dimensions, you can install this sturdy stretcher support in many vehicle types. Here is an overview. Just as versatile as it can be installed, so free are you in choosing your mobile stretcher. This is because it can be locked on all DIN rolling-type mobile stretchers using the appropriate fixing system.

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Stretcher mounts must be able to lock the stretcher securely and as comfortably as possible. That is their main task. But who says they cannot look good doing that? The stretcher support TL2015 Air does that. That too, in a particularly appealing form.

One of the safest stretcher supports

As an ambulance manufacturer complying with the highest level of vehicle safety, the safety of stretcher supports is also very important to us. Therefore, we have also successfully tested the TL2015 at 20 g forward, 20 g reverse, 15 g sideways (75°) and 10 g in five directions according to EN 1789.

20 g forward

subject to dynamic test

20 g reverse

subject to dynamic test

15 g lateral 75°

subject to dynamic test

10 g in 5 directions

subject to dynamic test

The exterior

At the head of the stretcher support is a practical opening. This access allows operation of the oxygen cylinder at any time. This is possible without having to move out the stretcher support. If the PTA is equipped with a seat at the dividing wall, the oxygen cylinder is operated comfortably from the seat.

At any time at hand

How well the work equipment can be used in routine work depends on many factors. It must be easily possible to unlock, move in and move out a stretcher support. Even if it has to be fast. The TL2015 makes all of this easy for you. Because the large shell handle in bright red is placed in the middle. Moreover, it is sturdy but easy to move. As a result, you can unlock in no time. Which is why the stretcher support can be easily moved out.

Room for oxygen

The space available in a PTA is limited. Therefore, the TL2015 Air also uses the area under the stretcher support. It offers space for a 10 – 11 l oxygen cylinder and a scoop stretcher. Or for a 10 – 11 l oxygen cylinder and a spineboard. The oxygen cylinder is securely fastened inside the stretcher support. Nevertheless, the bracket tested above EN 1789 can be operated quickly and easily.

A large flap offering much space

The flap at the foot of the stretcher support can be opened in no time. Once folded up, it allows easy stowage of the scoop stretcher or spineboard. Practical. Safe. Fast.

TL2015 Air – Basis

Die Ausführung TL2015 Air – Basis ist geeignet für den Einbau im Ford Transit Custom, Ford Transit FT V363 FWD,  Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (BM 906) und Volkswagen T6.

TL2015 Air – version 1

For vehicle models with a higher installation height, TL2015 Air – version 1 is equipped with an additional folding tray. This makes it suitable for installation in the Ford Transit FT V363 RWD and Ford Transit FT V363 RWD 4X4.

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