With TIGIS EUROPA, we have created a product that has clearly gained added value for staff and patients.

These attributes are for example:

A level of safety that is well above the applicable European standards.

A cost-effectiveness that is characterized by rapid availability, among other things.

The suitcase change that ensures cost reduction and operational readiness in a short time.

Optimized ergonomics and space planning with the side lift, which improves working conditions for
the personnel is significantly relieved.


As project manager of TIGIS EUROPA I accompany the vehicle from the first design drafts to the technical implementation. Effective project planning ensures quality in every phase.

Joaquin Rodriguez, Development

Design and construction

The high-strength frame construction does not corrode. Thanks to innovative bonding, riveting and bolting technology, you no longer need to worry about corrosion.

You will be surprised about the high driving stability. This is made possible by the exceptionally high torsional stiffness of the lightweight aluminium frame.

The frame consists of anodised lightweight profiles in which supply lines are laid to save space. A 40 mm thick layer between the profiles ensures particularly good sound and heat insulation.


How important is vehicle safety to you? How important is it to you that you and your patients are travelling in a safe vehicle? The superiority of the TIGIS EUROPAS.

is particularly evident when it comes to safety.

at 40 kmph

against 120 t block (35 g in patient room)

51 kmph


10 g in 5 directions

dynamic test of the TIGIS ERGO (same fastenings and connections) separate test follows

The exterior

Side Lighting Technology

The side blue light hoods contain a searchlight for house numbers, an LED blue light element and two worklights on each side.


Corner spotlight standard

The corner lights are activated as soon as reverse gear is engaged and supplement the normal reverse light.

roof construction and front area

Aerodynamic, segmented and highly rigid roof structure.  The segments can be easily removed from the outside for servicing. Front area: Two blue light hoods on each side. The upper blue light hoods have three carriers with a total of nine high-power LEDs on each side. The hoods below each have a carrier with three high-power LEDs.

In the middle there are two superimposed blue light strips. The upper one contains an additional flash with 12 high-power LEDs and the optionally available power flash with a total of 6 power LEDs in the middle. The lower blue light strip contains the Cruising-Light.

Rear lighting technology

At the rear there is one light module per side and one module in the middle. One carrier with a total of nine high-power LEDs and flashing LEDs is integrated on each side of the external modules. In the centre there are two LED worklights, two yellow Sputnik LEDs for rear protection and two blue Sputnik LEDs.

Interior – Complete ABS extension

The operation

With the luminous control panels of the TIGIS EUROPA you control the functions on the extension side. Whether blue light, sound system or air conditioning: one press of the button is all it takes. The luminosity is generated by organic light-emitting diodes. They give you feedback via different colours as to whether the function is activated, deactivated or defective. If, for example, a fuse is defective, the corresponding function key lights up red.

Control panel in patient room
Control panel with up to 15 function fields as button or display and two seven-segment displays for the central temperature: patient room lighting, buzzer button, intercom, roof fan, volume radio/DVD, electric floor mounting rail for carrying chair, function display seat recognition

Control panel on the sliding door
Control panel with up to 2 function fields as key or display: Work lights, rear flasher, reverse warning, rear lowering

Control panel at rear
Control panel with up to 6 function fields as button or display: Patient area lighting, work lights, rear flasher, reverse warning, rear lowering

Bedienfeld Touch Control
Touch-sensitive screen to control: Patient room lighting, stretcher table, air conditioning, parking heater, roof ventilator, thermo boxes. Display of: Date, time, interior temperature, temperature of the thermoboxes, battery voltage of the vehicle and auxiliary battery, software statuses

Control panel in the centre console
Control panel with up to 15 function fields as button or display and a coloured display in the middle: blue light, power flash, front flash, rear flash, jumping light, sound, city/country gear, work lights, air conditioning, heating, reverse warning, patient compartment lighting, rear lowering, function display for 230 V power supply

Without effort take off!

The new underfloor side lift LRA 260. Equipped with the new lift LRA-260, patients can be lifted comfortably and quickly into the patient’s room in the carrying chair. Open the side door, the lift moves out and serves as a step. The remote control completes the transformation of the step and the lift is ready for use. With the CE test certificate we prove the conformity with the EU regulation 765/2008.

change case in less than 4 hours!

In the case of economically not reasonable repairs or age-related depreciation of the chassis, the box body, including interior fittings, can be converted to a new chassis by Ambulanz Mobile.

Save time – save money!

Previous Changing suitcases:
– 30 days downtime
– 24.000 € downtime costs

Newbie Case change (with paint preparation):
– 5 Days of downtime
– 4.000 € downtime costs

Savings of around 83 %

Even with an overall paint job,
with 15 days downtime,
save 50 %.


Has a very calming effect on the patient, especially with small children. You can choose the different colours directly at the touch ceiling supply centre.