TIGIS N20 Emergency Ambulance

With the TIGIS N20, we have built a rescue transport vehicle that has been specially adapted to the needs of our customers. Based on the TIGIS Europa, a completely new and unique swap body was created, which sets the highest safety standards.

The attributes are for example:

A safety which is clearly above the valid European standards.
An economic efficiency, which is characterized among other things by fast availability.
The case change, which ensures cost reduction and operational readiness in a short time.

The optimized ergonomics and space planning with the side lift, which makes the working conditions for the staff much easier.

One decision – many possibilities

Choose between three different chassis as the basis for your new TIGIS N20. The chassis is as individual as your wishes. However, they have one thing in common: they form the basis for the safest swap body in the industry!

The unmistakable skeleton construction is created by inserting the system profiles. This stiffens the case and provides additional safety. The system profiles are connected to each other by special corner connectors. You will be surprised about the high driving stability. This is made possible by the extraordinarily high torsional stiffness of the nevertheless lightweight aluminum frame. The special multi-chamber profiles are unique in this industry. It is not for nothing that our case is also called “safety cell”.

Design and construction

Our safety case is characterized above all by its unique design. This means that the top layer is made of 2 mm thick aluminum. In between, there is 40 mm thick insulating foam. Altogether the case wall of the TIGIS N20 is 44 mm thick. A high value of insulation or heat is given by our wall construction.


To be able to offer you the highest possible safety, we put our TIGIS N20 through its paces. This means that the TIGIS has been successfully confronted with various accident scenarios to realistically test the situation of the rescue services. In addition, a tipping test according to DIN 13500 was also carried out, which our TIGIS N20 successfully passed.

at 40 kmph

against 120 t block (35 g in patient room)

51 kmph


10 g in 5 directions

dynamic test (same fastenings and connections) separate test follows

Tilt test

weighed down with 500 kg tilted from a platform
The exterior

Lateral lighting technology

The side blue light hoods contain a search light for house numbers, an LED blue light element, a crusing light and two work lights on each side.

Corner spotlight as standard

The corner lights are activated as soon as the reverse gear is engaged and supplement the normal reversing light.

Roof structure and front area

Aerodynamic, segmented and highly rigid roof structure.  The segments can be easily removed from the outside in case of service. Front area: one blue light hood on each side with four LED carriers and a chrome trim strip. The power flash or alternatively an additional flash is located in the center of the front hood.

Lighting technology in the rear area

In the rear area there is one light module on each side and one module in the middle. Two carriers are integrated on each side of the external modules. In the middle there are two LED working lights, two yellow LED carriers for rear protection, direction indicators on one carrier each and two blue LED carriers.

Interior – complete ABS removal

Short box body change time

“Already the TIGIS Europa convinced me with its short changing time of the case and the new technology. For me, the N20 is a visual and technical advancement that makes the vehicle safer, more economical and, thanks to the visual improvements, more economical in fuel consumption.”

Melanie Gue, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. Landesverband Niedersachsen/Bremen

Bacteria and virus filter

Our TIGIS N20 enables the transport of highly infectious patients. The specially developed filter system cleans the patient room air in order to keep the bacterial and viral contamination of the RTW crew as minimal as possible. Thus all bacteria, fungi, spores and toxic dust are removed from the room air by 99.995%.

Die Filteranlage ist optional und nicht Bestandteil der Grundausstattung. Auf Nachfrage kann die Filteranlage auch nachgerüstet werden.