Ergonomic ambulance vehicles and KMP extensions

Ergonomics from the start

You’ll find out soon enough. No matter whether you are travelling in an ambulance, ambulance or KMP extension. The subject of ergonomics is always present in our vehicle conversions. To achieve this, we take other paths as early as the development stage. So that you can benefit from the best possible working conditions. After all, you should also feel safe and in good hands when you are on duty.

A simple principle with great effect

In essence, our interior fittings do not differ from those of others. We went only one step further and changed the form. This minimizes the risk of injury and improves your working conditions.

Interior fittings with corners & edges

ideal shape

Ambulanz Mobile interior finishing

Ergonomic ambulance

First of all, we asked ourselves how we could make our ambulances even more ergonomic. Afterwards, a consultant for occupational safety and occupational medicine analysed the rescuers’ working methods. After all, the door handles, for example, could be moved in such a way that when the doors are opened, a natural movement is performed for the person. In addition, the entire side door system was optimized for quick and easy operation. As a result, the rescuer’s effort was reduced, significantly reducing the risk of strain.

Simpler and safer

Make handles faster and easier. That was also our goal with the shared pharmacy cabinet. Since model year 2010, ambulances have been equipped with this pharmacy cabinet. This design considerably reduces the effort required to open the cabinet. As a result, the cabinet can also be opened more quickly.

Furthermore, the lower part of the pharmacist’s cupboard serves as a practical storage surface. This is because the rescuers could previously only place their medical equipment on the worktop. The unfavourable way behind them. Now it is possible to care for the patient without contorting or twisting. The bottom line is that a simple solution makes your work faster, easier and safer.

Ergonomics in detail

Maybe you know that, too. While you are caring for the patient in the ambulance, it happens. As a result of a quick movement, you bump against the handle of the cabinet. This is followed by a painful experience. We have developed new blinds for this problem. They divert the movement and thus prevent possible injuries. This makes your work much more pleasant. Above all safer!

Accessories for ergonomic operation

There are many ergonomic details to be found in the ambulance and patient transport vehicle extensions. But the optional accessories also enhance the ergonomics of your ambulance vehicle. For example, with the equipment carrier for medical technology. It was specially developed for the needs of paramedics and emergency paramedics. So just for you. Once the individual height has been set, you have everything in view and under control at all times.

Also designed to make it easier for you to use the handles on a daily basis: the holder for the vacuum mattress. It can be used not only to stow the vacuum mattress in a space-saving manner. In fact, it also does this “easily by hand”. When the mattress is removed, the movement follows a semicircle. The vacuum mattress easily overcomes the necessary height difference. It then has a comfortable height. This makes it quick and easy to remove.