Staff activities

Our products make us one of the most successful companies in the industry. Therefore, we are aware of our responsibility towards our own staff and the region.

Annual summer and Christmas party

Together with our staff and their families, we celebrate the annual summer party. Small and “big kids” alike have lots of fun at our summer party.

Just before the Christmas season when the temperatures drop and the year ends, the Ambulanz Mobile Christmas market opens for a day for all ages.

Fruits, vegetables and water

Fruits and vegetables are healthy. They are low in calories but rich in valuable ingredients. Our staff can help themselves to the various apple crates throughout the year. This not only appeases the hunger pang but also provides vitamins, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Health days & sports events

Voluntary health days take place in the company. On these days, employees suffering from back problems get their spine properly checked (MediMouse®). This serves as the basis or planning for a specific back treatment.

Commitment to the region

We feel connected to the people, associations and institutions of our region. That is why we want to support social and sports projects.